Why make every plumbing problem a disaster?

Getting a report from My Plumbing Report means the next time you have a problem with your plumbing or heating system you're no longer at the mercy of the first plumber to pick up the phone.  Now you can isolate the problem, drain the system down and reduce the amount of damage that it may cause to your home, saving you money and putting you in control.

We give completely unbiased and impartial advice.  We don't coerce you into getting unnecessary work done or put any pressure on you to get something done which isn't an emergency.  We are simply here to inspect and advise.

So scroll down and take a look at what we do.

Plumbing and heating

The Original - From £195 inc.

Price changes with size of property

With our full inspection you'll get all the bells and whistles.  We'll check out your boiler, cylinder and water storage tanks (if you have them), find your stop tap in the house and check it works, find your external boundary tap and check that works, measure your water pressure from your cold mains, the flow rate from the closest hot water source, physically check radiators for rust, TRV's and damage.  Check your bath-ware for damage that could cause you problems.  Explain to you how your plumbing and heating system works and show you how to drain the system should you have any problems. 

Should you have any plumbing issues in the future you'll know just how to deal with them.
We also use a thermal imaging camera to check over your radiators to ensure they're heating up efficiently and whether you have any underlying issues.

Plumber Fixing Sink

"Getting a pre-purchase report saved us hundreds of pounds when buying our new home as it enabled us to negotiate on a better price."

"We learnt so much about our homes plumbing and heating.  Thanks to Stu for showing us all your tricks of the trade!"


For a high quality service, unbiased advice and a bit of knowledge that promises to save you money give us a call, text, find us on social media or use the boxes below to contact us.

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